Practical information

Checking in

It is possible to check in from 2 pm. When you are checking in, you have to use either the text message or the mail that you received on the day before arrival. In your mail / text message the code for the key safe and your room number is written.

Checking out

You must check out at 10 a.m. at the latest. Please ensure the lights are turned off, the room door and the main doors are locked. Please put the key in the mailbox labelled ‘POSTKASSEN’. If you have borrowed bed linen, we ask you to remove it from the beds and place it on the floor of your room.


Using the internet is free. The code can be found at the inn.


There is no daily cleaning of the rooms. The rooms are not cleaned until after a week’s stay or until new guests take over.

Emergency GP service

The phone number is +4570110707. The phone is open all weekdays from 4 pm till 8 am as well as a round-the-clock service on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

Emergency telephone

In case of accidents or fire during your stay, please contact the emergency services on 112 and afterwards Korinth Kro Association at +4522130651 at all hours.
Between 8 am and 11 pm, it is possible to contact the association at +4522130651 or +4524450898
in case of defects or deficiencies with the property.


Smoking in the outdoor premises is allowed. We expect you to throw your cigarette butts in the bin.
Indoors the inn is completely non-smoking. Violation of this will result in a DKK 2,000 fine.


Dogs are allowed in some of the rooms. Remember to book a room where your dog is welcome.
When you walk your dog, please remember the dog waste bag, and dispose of used bags in our outdoor bins. Dogs are not allowed in beds or on furniture.


Parking is free on both sides of the annex. Charging of electric cars and plugin hybrids is
STRICTLY PROHIBITED, as our transmission system cannot handle the load. Violation of this will result in a fine of minimum DKK 5,000. The nearest charger can be found at L. Frandsensvej 8, 5600 Faaborg.


Breakfast can be purchased from one of our associates a short walking distance from the inn.
Information can be found at the common area of the inn.

Common room

Please show consideration for other guests and nearby rooms when using the common room.
The bathrooms are common to everybody. Please keep your toiletries and towels in your room.
Write your name on your food and respect the property of others.
Tidy up in the common areas before you leave them. NO indoor noise after 10 pm.
Feel free to use the outdoor facilities situated behind the buildings. Here you will find tables and
benches, a site for a bonfire etc.
NO outdoor noise after 11 pm.

Visitors’ book

Our Visitors’ Book is in the common area on the 1 st floor, and you are VERY welcome to add a comment.